“My Religion is Nature. That’s what Arouses those Feelings of Wonder and Mysticism and Gratitude in Me.” -Oliver Sacks


Personal Retreat on Your Inquiry-Contact at Maya

in Vilcabamba, Ecuador



2019 Group Retreat Schedule

February  / March / November / December

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What we do in the Retreat?

Cultivate Mindfulness & Deepen Awareness: Therapeutic Art & Silence-Movement-Mindfull Walking Meditation. Yoga, Tai chi, QiGong, DaoYoga


Food from my garden-radish

Food from our own garden and local organic market

All retreats serve fresh vegetarian food. Should you have particular dietary needs, please let us know. The menu will be posted when the retreat starts.


Kuti  in Sanskrit means Hut, little house, lodging for a monk  in Buddhism, Hinduism. We have several kuties for meditators, artists or just anyone who wants to spend silent time and meditate or focusing on their art.